Seamless Stainless Tubes
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Seamless Stainless Tubes

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1. Stainless steel pipes:
B) Steel Grades: TP304\ TP304L\ TP304H\TP316\TP316L\ TP316LN\TP316Ti\ TP321\ TP321H\ TP317L\ TP347H\S31803\ S32750 etc.
C) Outer diameter: 8mm to 2540mm
D) Wall thickness: 0.5mm to 30mm
E) Process method: Cold rolled/cold drawn\hot extrusion
F) Delivery conditions: Annealed\pickled

2. Stainless steel pipes have been qualified by ISO9001 (dual-certified by IQNet and CQM), GL, DNV, BV, ABS and PED (TUV certificate for Pressure Vessel).
3. Packing: Bundles, seaworthy wooden (Plywood) boxes or according to customers' requirements.

4. Application
A) General service industries (petroleum\military \food\ chemical\paper\ fertilizer\fabric\aviation and nuclear)
B) Fluid, gas and oil transport
C) Pressure and heat transmission
D) Boiler\pressure vessel\heat exchanger and condenser

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