Galvanized Steel Tape for cable wire
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   Galvanized Steel Tape for cable wire

Galvanized Steel Tape for cable wire

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Development history

In China, cable and wire is the largest industry only second to vehicles industry, over 90% market share and fill rate. In global, China's total output value has surpassed the USA, became the largest cable manufacturing country. The rapid and constantly economic growth provides great space for cable products. Our government invested 4 trillions Yuan to expand domestic demand, about 40% were applied in town and country cable construction/transformation.

1.Product Introduction

Galvanized steel tape for cable wire is made of cold rolled steel coil after continued hot dip galvanization and slitting process. Galvanized steel tape for cable wire with characteristics of superior anti causticity, high surface quality, good deep process and practicality has 15~20 years life-time more compared with cold rolled products.
We are the professional manufacturer of armoured cable steel strip, which is manufactured in modern galvanized furnace with latest technology to ensure superior quality.
Besides the cable industry, Galvanized steel tape for cable wire is widely used in the fields of deep drawing, welding pipes, C-Profiles,Purlin and other building material and construction materials.

2.Production flow

Open coil (cold rolled steel coil)—Washing—Annealing—Zinc pot(hot-dipped galvanizing)—Air knife—Cooling—Skin pass and tension levelled—Late treatment—Slitting—Close coil

3. Product Specification of Galvanized steel tape for cable wire 

Material: Q195, SGCC, DX51D.
Thickness: from 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm
Width: from 12.7mm, all available.
Zinc coating: from 60g/m2 to 275g/m2
Packing: as per client’s request.


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