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   how to weld stainless steel

how to weld stainless steel

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Stainless steel welding

The most common welding method of stainless steel welding are: manual welding, shielded metal-arc welding, and tungsten inert gas welding.

1, Manual Welding

Manual welding is a very popular, easy to use welding method. Arc length is adjusted by man's hand, it decided to the gap size between welding rod and        the workpiece.  Meanwhile, as a carrier of the arc, welding wire also is the material of welding joint filler.

This welding method is very simple, can be used to weld almost all materials. For outdoor use, it has good adaptability, even if underwater use. Most of the welding machine can use TIG weld. In the electrode welding, the arc length is determined by people’s hands: When you change the gap size between electrode and the workpiece, you also change the arc length. In most cases, welding used direct current, electrode use as carrier arc, but also as a welding filler material. Electrode is made up of the alloy or non-alloy metal core wire and coated electrode. This layer of coated electrode is to protect welding joint against the air, at the same time it stabilizing the arc. It also caused the formation of slag layer which is shaped during protected welding joint.  Welding electrodes can be titanium welding rod, it also is alkaline which depends on the thickness and composition of skin medicine. Titanium type electrode is easy to weld, welding joint is flat and beautiful. In addition, the welding slag is easy to remove. If the welding rod stored for a long time, it must be re-baking. Because the moisture from the air will accumulated in the electrode quickly.


2, Shielded Metal-arc Welding

This is an automatic gas shielded arc welding method. In this method, Under the protection of gas shielded, arc burned between current carriers of metal wire and workpiece. The metal wire which is sent by machine is used as welding rod and melted in its own arc. Because the advantages of generality and specificity of the MIG / MAG welding method , it still is the most widely used welding method in the world. It is used in steel, non-alloy steel, low alloy steel and high alloy based materials, this makes it become the ideal production and repairing method. When welding steels, MAG meet the requirements of steel plate, the thin thickness of specifications are only 0.6mm. Here, the use of protective gas is reactive gases, such as carbon dioxide or mixed gas. The only restriction is that when for outdoor welding, it need to protect the workpiece is not exposed to moisture in order to keep the gas effect.

3, Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Arc is produced between the refractory tungsten welding wire and workpiece.

Here, the use of shielding gas is pure argon gas, the wire is not charged. Wire can use hand delivery, or you can send machines. There are some specific purposes which do not need to send wire. The material of welding is determined to use DC or AC. By direct current, the tungsten wire is set to negative electricity. Because of its deep penetration ability, it is very appropriate for different types of steel, but for weld pool, it has not any "cleaning effect."

The main advantage of it:  a wide range of welding materials. Including the thickness of 0.6mm and above the workpiece, the material including steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and its alloys, gray cast iron, common dry, a variety of bronze, nickel, silver, titanium and lead. The main application areas is thin and middle thickness of the welding workpiece, in the thick of the cross section used as the root welding and bead welding.


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